Hub News: Balay Balay Architecture Puzzles collaborate with MTSE for Torogan Social Enterprise

One of the things that Swito Innovation Hub inculcates with its hub members is to use collaboration to 1) solve operational problems 2) add value to products and services 3) create more social impact.

Last November, Balay Balay Architecture Puzzles organized the first torogan puzzle making workshop in Marantao, Davao del Sur, with support from Digital Stories Asia’s production partner, Stories Beyond, and co-organized by Marawi Tourism Social Enterprise.

Two minutes away from the actual Torogan Bubong, the puzzle making workshop was attended by over 30 participants who have carpentry experience but whose livelihood became collaterals of war. The activity was a breakthrough for Balay Balay, who have been manufacturing toy puzzles inspired by the Torogan since 2014; because it was finally able to bring the opportunity to the owners of the Torogan design, the Maranao.

The project gave birth to a new project called Torogan Social Enterprise which will create opportunities and continue the production of the Torogan puzzles in Marantao.