Managed Network News: Arch. Henna Dazo of Mindanao Architecture Advocacy Network Speaks “Honoring the past.Invigorating the Future”

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Architect Henna Dazo shares about Mindanao Architecture Advocacy Network to fellow architects during the Chapter Induction and Anniversary of UAP Makati Greenbelt Chapter last August 25, 2018. She highlighted in her talk the Mindanao Built Heritage through the efforts on the Mindanao Architecture Style Guide and Balay Balay Architecture Puzzles.

The talk complemented the theme “Honoring the pastĀ Invigorating the Future “during the Chapter’s Induction Ceremony and Anniversary.

“It has always been our goal to spread this passion and love for our own built heritage as Filipinos not only to kids but adult alike to learn more about our own culture, and be amazed by the indigenous knowledge in building construction and design resiliency, ” Arch. Dazo said. She added that she and her team do this not only to appreciate their own culture but also their identity as indigenous people, as Mindanawons, and as Filipinos.

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