Hub Member’s News: Switodesigns CEO Joins Rehabilitation of Built Heritage in China

Gloryrose Dy, the SwitoDesigns Inc. CEO, currently undertaking her Masters of Urban and Culture Heritage at the University of Melbourne, represented the program and Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne during the 2018 TONGJI CAUP INTERNATIONAL DESIGN SUMMER SCHOOL, REHABILITATION OF BUILT HERITAGE IN URBAN TRANSFORMATION  in Shanghai and Huzhou, China from August 5 to 15, 2018.

The international design summer school was tasked to do a rehabilitation proposal for four sites in the Ancient town of Naxun and Lianshi.

Gloryrose Dy, together with her teammates, Wei Wangqing and LV Lingqi presented the rehabilitation proposal for Family Jin’s courtyard called ‘Nanxun Artist Haven: A Hybrid Revival Approach to the Restoration and Adaptive Reuse of Family Jin’s Courtyard, Naxun Ancient Town”.  


Her work will be part of the design competition which is organized by the government of Huzhou.