Hub Member’s News: Ashoka Website Features Balay Balay’s Female Architect and Researcher

Balay Balay Architecture Puzzles’ researcher, Architect Henna Dazo, joins four women in Ashoka’s article, “Women Social Innovators are Changing the Game in Asia“, written by Aung Kaung Myat.

Arch. Henna Dazo with fellow female innovators. photo from




The articles read,

Henna Dazo promotes and preserves traditional architecture of the Filipino people through Balaybalay 3D models toys (Balay Balay means playhouse in the Visayan language). She is on a mission not only to educate children and young people of their rich architectural heritage but also to popularize the unique Filipino architecture through workshops and campaigns.

A screenshot of the online article, “Women Social Innovators are Changing the Game in Asia”.

Swito Social Innovation Hub is very proud of this milestone for our female creatives and designers.