Hub Member’s News: Switotwins Wins Young Innovators Conflict Challenge for Project “Digital Storytelling and Peacebuilding”

ITU Telecom Young Innovators Competition 2015 Conflict Challenge have announced two winners and one of them is Switotwins Digital Storytelling (now Digital Stories Asia). The challenges pick the project “demonstrating innovativeness, business potential, and a clear social value proposition.”

As creative collaborative space that aims to provide a venue for young people to showcase their creativity as artists and aspiring artists, Switotwins aims to initiate a set of activities for children to learn more about issues of peace and conflict and express their feelings about the issues through digital media, using their own voice through digital storytelling. We believe that many young people still choose to engage in constructive initiatives that promote mediation, intercultural communication, conflict transformation, and peace work projects.

The selection process was made possible by the generous support of the selection committee, a group of global experts who gave their time and insights to support the Young Innovators Competition.

The winners of this Challenge will attend ITU Telecom World 2015 in Budapest, where seed funding, mentoring sessions, workshops, networking and showcasing opportunities will be given before a high-profile audience from across the ICT ecosystem.

For more information on the ITU Telecom Young Innovators Competition 2015 Conflict Challenge, go here —>

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