Hub Members News: Swito produces local award winning films

Switotwins Inc ventured into producing local films for the first time. First film was a short entitled “Panalipod Onlayn” directed by Glorypearl Dy. The aim of the film was to warn netizens about the danger of exposing children to the terrifying world online. It was co-produced by Step Films Production, a group formed during the 11th Guerrilla Workshop.

Panalipod Onlayn is an official film of Cinemarehiyon 6 in Cagayan de Oro City from February 19 to 23, 2014.

Another film, co-produced by Kids for Peace Foundation, is the animated short called “Nag Flag Nah?” written and illustrated by Augustino Panganon and animated by James Vincent Lana who are both considered contributors of the Art Collaboration program of the organization.

Mindanao Film Festival awarded “Best Guerrilla Workshop Film” to “Panalipod Onlyn”. The main cast, Dayana Adtoon also received a nomination for Best Actress.

Both films were shown during the Mindanao Film Festival last December 4 to 11 and at the Nabunturan Film Festival last December 17, 2013.